Welcome to Peace at the Beach!

What we offer:
Your store for for items that promote peace, love, positive energy, and all around good vibes!

"What the world needs now, is love, sweet love."
I believe this to be true now more than ever before.

My goal is provide a place and products that will help people bring peace, relaxation, spirit, and positive energy into their own life, and help spread love and peace energy out into the world.  I truly believe if we increased positive energy in our world, that we can overpower the negative energy and create an energy shift where love & peace reign!

While you were here at the beach, my guess is you felt more relaxed than ever.  I offer products that will help you take that feeling with you, so that you can call that feeling back to you at any time.  When you are at peace, you are better able to help spread peace.  This is my hope, and my way of helping that idea to grow!

I offer meditation music to help you in your relaxation here, and everywhere.  This will help bring you peace, and it will help with your overall health by letting go of the stress for an improved body, mind, and spirit.

Many have found that crystals have a positive impact on them.  Crystals come from the earth, so they are natural and organic, and is said to have different energies that affect different areas.  Some may "feel" it more than others, some may not feel anything at all while others swear by them.  Stop by and check out my crystals to see what resonates with you!

Do you love essential oils?  Me too!  That's why I am happy to provide a nice selection of oils.  Some are the most popular scents, some are different.  If you know you are coming to Carolina Beach or nearby areas and are wanting a specific scent, call ahead and I can try my best to be sure it's here for you when you get here!  They make great gifts and souvenirs too!

There is so much more to see here!  Browse this website to learn more about my little store on the boardwalk.  It's probably not like anything you've seen near home!  Stop on by!  You'll love the vibe!  :)

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