Essential Oils

I'm proud to say I sell Aura Cacia brand of essential oils!  I personally use this brand and love it.

Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular because they they work!  They provide a natural alternative for other products, helping to keep chemicals out of our environment and out of our bodies.  

Essential oils can be used for cleaning, for illnesses, relaxation, aromatherapy, and more.

If you are looking for an oil for a specific purpose, for example, to help you sleep better, for focus, for pain, stress, anxiety, meditation, as a room or car air freshener, to help with breathing.... ask me!!!

Check back often as I add more product and information.  :)

Prices shown are for the 0.5 oz size.  In many cases, larger sizes are available.

Pure Essentials Oils  (scroll down to see blends)

Lavender                              Eucalyptus                                Peppermint                                  Lemon                                   Tea Tree
  $12.49                                      $4.99                                            $7.99                                           $5.99                                       $7.99