Life is journey!  So far, I've been through many stages of my journey, and that has led me to here!
I've worked at various jobs in my earlier years, including retail.  I was part of a family business for a number of years, not in this topic area, yet I learned a lot through that and all my experiences.
I was a single mother while I was working and attending college, and earned my
BS Ed degree.  I worked as a teacher (FT and sub) for 14 years.  I also worked as a state employee for almost 7 years.
Over the years, I discovered more about myself, my journey, my spiritual depths.
I became a reiki practitioner in 2008.  Reiki is "spiritually guided life force energy".
I've had dreams of owning my own business since I was a teenager, but at that time, they were just dreams.  
I'm happy to be at this part of my journey where I hope to increase positive energy into the world!

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