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Suzie Thomson

Hello!  If you've ever been to any beach, you know the peace you feel when you are there.  One of my goals with this page is to help you keep that peaceful feeling with you.  When you are at peace, you help encourage peace in the world around you, and YOU become part of the ripple effect to increase the peace.


Now, more than ever, we need as much peace & love energy being put out to the universe as we can.  It can appear as if things look dreadful by some of the happenings going on in the world, but I believe there are more of "US" who want peace and have love to share than "them" with the dark energies that we hear about in the news.  When "WE" collectively put that love energy into the universe, we override the enemy.  WE WIN!  LOVE WINS!  PEACE WINS!


I hope to help people find peace, and stay in peace.... to love more, and to spread love and peace energy and to keep doing that, no matter the events of any given day.  Surround yourself with these products.  Give them as gifts.  Share the message.  

If you want to keep updated, and to receive positive, uplifting, encouraging messages, go to my Facebook page and click "Like" to like the page.  That's one way to help surround yourself with positive messages everyday.  (FB:  @peaceatthebeachSuzie)


Essentials oils can be ordered NOW!!!
I offer the Aura Cacia brand of oils.
See my posts on my Facebook page for info and pics on some of the oils now, and more to come over time.  Are you looking for an oil for a specific purpose?  Let me know about your needs, and I'll list some options for you.

Some oils to consider...
Bergamot - $11.99  (uplifting)
Chill Pill - $9.99  (to calm)
Eucalyptus - $4.99  (clearing)
Lavender - $12.49  (relaxing, the one standard oil to have)
Lavender Harvest (a blend) - $9.99  (relaxing, grounding)
Lemon - $5.99 (renewing, for cleaning also)
Panic Button - $9.99  (when you are REALLY stressed!)
Peppermint - $7.99  (cooling)
Pillow Potion - $9.99 (lavender and hops, deep relaxing)
Rosemary - $5.99 (hair, memory, and sooo much more!)
Tea Tree - $7.99  (skin conditions, congestion, fights infections)


Crystals available to order NOW!!!
Every kind of crystal is available.  A variety of shapes are available too, such as hearts and angels.  Watch my FB page for examples & info, or just contact me.
Rose quartz, clear quartz, tiger's eye, citrine, amethyst, and many more!

      Amethyst                  Rose Quartz                  Tiger's Eye








        Citrine                Citrine Bracelet            Amethyst Angel


Manuka Honey now available!!!
I'm very excited to offer manuka honey to add to a healthier lifestyle!!!  Avaiable in K Factor 12 and K Factor 16, and in 
8.8 oz and 17.6 oz sizes.

Orders take about 5-6 business days to receive.  
To order yours, contact me directly.

K Factor 12:  8.8 oz - $31.99
K Factor 16:  8.8 oz - $41.9

K Factor 12:  17.7 oz - $43,99
K Factor 16:  17.7 oz - $54.99


CBD Oil - Clean Remedies brand sold here!!!  Order NOW!!!
Natural, healthy, effective!  Made with an organic Safflower base, this oil has a clean, smooth texture.  For humans and pets!  
Choose from 3 types:
350mg   $39.99
900mg (the most popular)  $79.99
3000mg   $179.99  (when trying to address many and/or difficult issues)

NEW!!! -1200 Broad Spectrum - $109.99

Broad Spectrum Oil is a combination of cannabinoids as well as many essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, flavonoids and terpenes. This is the closest you can get to Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil while also having no THC.










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Come along with me and help grow peace & love energy in this world!  The world needs YOU and your special gifts, including your love and peace energy.  I'm glad you're here!  :)

Love, light, and blessings!

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How to make a purchase

At this time, purchases must be made by contacting me directly to place your order.  Use the email below, or contact me via Facebook or this website ("Contact Me")
I will use:
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I am a certified Reiki Practitioner.  I have a portable reiki table and can come to your home or place of business to do a session.  Contact me if you live within an hour of Wilmington, NC and would like to schedule a session with me.

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